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Experience The Ultimate Comfort in the Gables Cherry Creek Bedroom

Your ultimate comfort zone is in the bedroom of every Gables Residential apartment. It isn’t just a matter of jumping right on to your bed after a tiring day with a hectic schedule. At Gables, we introduce you to the art of living and resting.

The elegant and warm ambiance of your living room greets you with an atmosphere of exhilarating relief, just before you go inside your bedroom. You may wish to take a warm shower before retiring for the night. 


At daytime, the bedroom presents a magnificent view of the landscape outside, as the grey curtains are opened. An attractive painting of a tree delights your senses upon entering the bedroom. Your foot touches the soft, supple carpet and the room’s interior with its excellent fixtures sets your mood in a relaxing manner. 


Sit on the reclining sofa chair that can rock you to sleep. Turn on the soft lights and the sweet melody of the piped-in music. Everything you love about the ultimate comfort zone is here. And your bed is the centerpiece of comfort. 


The large custom designed bed refreshes the guests with lemon-kissed signature linens, and wrinkle-resistant beds sheets, flat sheets and fitted sheets to give you the maximum clean comfort. Plush pillows and duvet comforters create the optimum physical rest for the body and mind.

With the pillow top mattress, sleep is just moments away. The well-crafted innerspring mattress features a quilted pillow top over a pocketed coil core which reduces motion transfer and can provide a maximum level of support and comfort.

An encounter with the bed upon climbing is initiated by the duvet inserts where one tucks under the cozy down inserts with striped or ribbed duvet cover to start the relaxing comfort process. It’s turning sleep into an art.

The feather and down pillows with wrinkle resistant pillow cases, with its ideal loft and comfort, adds an even greater moment of relaxation pleasure to entice the guest towards the sleep state. Underneath the reposing body of the guest is felt Gable’s first class mattress toppers, feather-bed and feather-bed protector that maximizes the bed-based comfort zone. Then one puts on the soft cotton mid-weight or lightweight down blankets to forget the cares of the day and enter into one’s sweet dreams. At any Gables Cherry Creek residential facility one may experience the ultimate luxury of comfort inside each apartment.

The space provided is twice that of a hotel room which allows one to live, work, play and rest inside the Gables Cherry Creek Apartment. At Gables, rest and sleep are not just biological needs or requirements but are part of the ecology of living. The exterior and interior designs of each Gables Residential facility are ergonomically attuned to maximize and optimize the comfort process, and create an ideal comfort zone of luxury for each customer or guest. 

Serenity and security which are essential components of rest and sleep are provided by Gables Residential on a 24/7 basis in all residential facilities. You experience total rest and sleep at Gables.